Street food in Glenfield

Glenfield is a sprawling suburb on the North Shore of Auckland. It doesn’t have  sea views or historical buildings. Just streets of solid homes interspersed with a few parks, bush reserves, schools, a shiny shopping mall and a strip of hypermarkets and car showrooms. It’s the place to go for bathroom supplies, pool repairs and Asian food supermarkets.  From the busy lanes of State Highway 1  a passenger could glance to the left over at an expanse of rooftops and billboards and Glenfield would present no obvious reason for a detour from the journey north.  Until now that is. Now Glenfield is a destination, at least for one night a week. Glenfield has become known for its night food market and it has made Glenfield popular. Very popular.

Over 200 food stalls pop up every Sunday at 5.30pm in the undercover car park of Glenfield’s shopping centre.  Go when you’re hungry with a pocketful of change and be prepared to take a culinary trip around the world. Glenfield is home to people from many many different nations and at the market you can see them preparing the dishes that they know and love.

Dumplings from Hong Kong, Hungarian pizzas, Japanese takoyaki and Korean pancakes.  South African roti, Indian curries, Mexican tacos. Food from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece, the Middle East, and Russia. There are wood fired pizzas and potatoes on sticks but surprisingly no good old Kiwi fish ‘n chips or meat pies. I did spot a caravan selling ugly hot dogs on sticks and made a note to try one…next time.

If you have room for desert there are churros with chocolate (and) or maple syrup, tiny but perfectly formed pancakes with cream and chocolate sauce, donuts filled with jam or cream or drizzled with icing, crispy ice cream and deep fried Moro Bars, waffles and cup cakes.  There’s mango lassi, chilled juices and fresh fruit ice cream.

It’s not fancy.  If you’re lucky you will find a seat at one of the communal tables where you’ll find yourself with food envy for your neighbour’s meal. If not you will join the crowds who wander around sampling whatever takes their fancy. This is a place to eat tasty, interesting food at a very reasonable cost. It’s a place to try new things (roasted quails eggs anyone?)

Get there early and there will be space to walk around and watch the food being made but be prepared, when the crowds arrive it’s shoulder to shoulder shuffle time.

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