Ten Cent Tiffin

Ten cents won’t buy much in any currency these days but today it was the price of a gorgeous three-tiered tiffin, or afternoon tea, served in the splendidly elegant lounge of The Langham Auckland.

The Langham is the home of tiffin. Fashionable ladies of the Victorian era who waited hungrily for the men of the house to return home after long days at work, became accustomed to a light afternoon meal of cake, sandwiches and sweets accompanied by pots of tea to keep them sustained.  Lady Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and one of Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting, made tiffin popular, and The Langham London, first of the grand European hotels, made it accessible to their guests in 1865.

Tiffin has been served daily in Langham hotels ever since and today, as part of the hotel’s 148th birthday celebrations, the Langham Auckland offered tiffin at the original 1865 price.

It was the best ten cents I’ve ever spent. Each tiny savoury was delicious and the delicate sweets and cakes were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. Just when we thought we could not eat one thing more, a silver plate with two perfect squares of silky smooth chocolate fudge appeared. The food is exquisite but it’s the little things that make tiffin at the Langham stand out from the rest: the  thick white table linen and heavy silver cutlery, fresh pink roses and discrete attentive service. I don’t think it would have been any different 148 years ago.

Thank you Langham Auckland for staying true to the tiffin tradition, and Happy Birthday!

Tiffin Afternoon Tea is served at The Langham Auckland every day from 11.30 am – 2pm and 2.30 – 4.30pm. It’s popular so book ahead to be safe.

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  1. Wow. What a bargain. Do you know how much it is usually?


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