Kaikoura gets the ‘seal’ of approval

What a perfect way to spend a weekend in Kaikoura. Thanks nzBarkers for sharing. I never knew seals were so photogenic!


Whenever I’ve been to Kaikoura previously, its been summer. Thats not to say its always been glorious weather – I’ve had my fair share of showers and the need to buy additional clothing due to freak storms – but its been a very different experience to the one we had at the weekend.

Kaikoura is a small town on the east coast of the South Island, about 2 and a half hours’ drive north from Christchurch. With a population of about 3,600 and a spectacular setting between high mountain and powerful ocean, its the perfect place for a “mini break” or weekend away from the bustle and building work of the city.

Our motel, booked on Thursday evening based on the sole criteria of (a) guaranteeing a view of the sea and the mountains (*ahem*) and (b) being quite reasonably priced, was very good indeed. Cosy, clean and comfortable inside…

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