Spring is in the air in Cornwall Park

It’s September which means it’s Spring in New Zealand. Days are longer and warmer and the daffodils are blooming in Cornwall Park.  I hadn’t been to the park for ages but I popped in hoping for a quick lunchtime snack on a lovely sunny day  but I soon forgot about my rumbly tummy and got lost in admiring the views and the trees and the daffodils of course 🙂

Cornwall Park is one of Auckland’s green jewels. The Domain (home of the Auckland War Museum) may be more accessible from the central city but in Cornwall Park it is easy to forget that there is a city at all.

Cornwall Park was gifted to the people of Auckland in 1901 by Sir John Logan Campbell, during the royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (later King George V and Queen Mary of England). Sir John was  honorary Mayor of Auckland at the time and he was the one who gave the park its name. Sir John’s first home , Acacia Cottage, now Auckland’s oldest building, has been restored and relocated to the park and is open to visitors who will be amazed at how small it is.

His vision was to create a park for Auckland with a working farm, heritage sites, sports grounds, and avenues of trees and walks, and he did. The trees are majestic , the views are spectacular (and 360 degree wide) and there’s ruins of an ancient Maōri pā and a volcanic cone which is great to climb and even better to slide down.  Even the sheep look happy here.

On the day I visited there were groups of mums with their children picnicking under the trees, families meeting for lunch, nd aspiring photographers practising depth of field shots in the beds of poppies and fields of daffodils, and visitors learning about the park’s history in the information centre. Sir John would have been pleased.

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