5 Friday Favourites

Here we go for another week. In no particular order some of my Auckland favs…

1. Best lunch-in-a-bun – hoagies at the GreenKeepers Cafe. There’s a lot to like about this cafe, including the  free parking next door. It is relaxing not to stress about finding a parking space,  having the correct change for the meter/pay & display or worrying about overstaying.

2. The pipeline walk from Campbells Bay to Murrays Bay. Gorgeous sea views and ice cream at the half way point in Mairangi Bay. Nice.

3.  The big screen on Queens Wharf. No need to throw a sickie so that you can stay home to watch Emirates Team New Zealand win back the America’s Cup.

4. Cytoplasm. Sixteen giant silver pods moving silently in the wind. Each one moves individually so every photo is different. Beautiful. You won’t miss it as you wander around Auckland’s waterfront.

5. A can for a coffee. Launching today, this is a real win-win. You take a can (of beans, spaghetti, fruit, peas, peaches whatever) to Locals, a pop up espresso bar at 13 Rose Street in Ponsonby (9 – 11am Friday and Saturday) and they’ll give you a coffee courtesy of L’Affare. Then they’ll  take all the cans to the Auckland City Mission food bank. So you don’t have to feel guilty about having an extra coffee, in fact, please do. It’s for a very good cause.

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