A real groovy Friday favourite

Just one favourite this week but it’s a goodie, and yes I know that it’s not Friday yet but tomorrow I will be flying to Wellington very early in the morning so I’m posting this in advance so I don’t forget in the excitement of new places to discover in the capital (blog posts soon).

Real Groovy Records is the kind of place you might walk past quickly with your eyes averted to avoid the in-your-face mannequins and screaming posters advertising bands that you’ve never heard of. This would be a mistake so next time you are at the upper end of Queen Street take a deep breath and go inside. You’ll be amazed.

Real Groovy, as you might imagine, is a record shop. A real record shop. Wall to wall vinyl. Boxes and boxes of frisbee sized 45s some for as little as a dollar and racks of their big brothers, the LP. Real Groovy has CDs but it was vinyl that was attracting the most interest from the lunchtime crowd of well-suited businessmen and skateboard-weilding youngsters. They stood side by side with headphones jammed on their heads and I watched them carefully remove records from their cardboard covers, place them gently, very gently, on one of the turntables and then be mesmorised as they watched them spin.  You just don’t get that with a shiny silver CD do you? Purists would say that you don’t get the crackles between tracks either, or needles skating over warped vinyl but the lunchtime crowd didn’t seem to mind.

Whether its vinyl or CDs, Real Groovy has a huge selection of music. I reckon that if you can’t find it here it must be a figment of your imagination. Real Groovy is actually New Zealand’s largest new and used store for music, games, DVDs and books. You can bring in your (good quality) music,films or books and they’ll sell them for you. You can then buy tickets for those bands you’ve probably never heard of, browse for a vintage dress or a pair of genuine cowboy boots or just sit with an espresso soaking up the coolness of the grooviest place in town.

Real Groovy is at 438 Queen Street, Auckland www.realgroovy.co.nz

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