How to take a stunning shot of Auckland

There are people who look great in every photo.  They are likely to be the ones who have figured out what their ‘best’ side is and are able to manoeuvre themselves into position whenever a camera appears. The rest of us grin and bear the results and give silent thanks for the delete buttons on our cameras.

Auckland is like your most photogenic friend. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photograph no matter what time of day it is. Your biggest problem is likely to be choosing which is the best one. There are so many great vantage points around the city. Here are 4 of them..

1. Under the harbour bridge on the northern side. Take the first exit which is signposted to Stafford Road. At the T junction turn left and follow the road down to Northcote Point. A walkway from the car park will take you right under the bridge. Take a moment to read some of the wise words inscribed on the infrastructure. It’s a delight to find poetry in such an unlikely place.

Just along the road, stop for a cold beer and some pub food in the Northcote Tavern at 37 Queens Street. There’s a nice grassy area out the back and plenty of room for kids to run around.

The original building was destroyed by fire but in 1884 the building was opened as an hotel and has virtually remained unchanged ever since.  The hotel became a tavern after the bridge was opened and the demand for ferry travellers needing overnight accommodation disappeared but the charm of the place remains.  Ferries run regularly to Northcote Point (just a short walk from the Tavern) so you could make an afternoon of it and have a trip on the harbour with a great photographic opportunity thrown in.

2. Devonport. Spectacular views from Mt Victoria or North Head or from the walkway along the shore in either direction (towards North Head or the Naval Base).

3. You can’t fail to get a good shot of the city skyline from any ferry or boat trip on the harbour. The free Ports of Auckland tour is one of the best.

4. Wynyard Quarter. The best vantage point is from the public viewing platform at the Viaduct Events Centre just across Te Wero bridge. The light at twilight reflecting off the shiny city skyscape is gorgeous.

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