Silver Linings

I was having a bad day. The traffic on the motorway was congested, the rain was torrential and I was late for a lunch appointment. I got there with a minute to spare, grabbed the last table and waited, surprised that my companion who is usually very prompt hadn’t arrived. After a few minutes I began to worry and when I checked my calendar I realised that I was in the right place but on the wrong day. Actually wrong week. The lunch date was for 7 days time.

Once I’d stopped berating myself for being so stupid, I ordered lunch and instead of good conversation I read the newspaper. Silver lining#1. Then the sun came out so I went for a walk through the marina adjacent to the café. Silver lining #2.

And then I found this. Silver lining #3.

A small bronze statue of a toy bear gazing out to sea holding a toy yacht under one arms and a captains cap under the other . There was a small that said the statue was dedicated to a man named Lawrence who died in 1987 aged 77 years. There wasn’t anyone around to ask all the questions that I had about the little bear and his boat but I’m going back next week for that lunch appointment so I’ll try again.

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  1. Love how you saw the positivity! And another positive is that you were a week early rather than a week later, right?! 🙂


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