The best little pancake shop


You’ll know you’ve found this hole-in-the-wall takeaway kiosk by the throngs of people waiting patiently on the pavement. It’s not a long wait even though about 400 Korean pancakes are made fresh every day for those in the know.

Small balls of dough are filled with either chicken, ham, beef or vegetables with or without gooey cheese and if you peek into the tiny kitchen you’ll see them resting on trays before being flattened and tossed on the hot plate until golden and crispy.  At $4 a pop for savoury and $3 for a sweet one  (chocolate, red bean or cinnamon and sugar) they are quite possibly the best value snack food around.

I’ve walked past No. 1 Pancake many times without stopping but I never will again.

Find them on Lorne Street at the corner of Wellesley Street East just a few blocks from the Auckland Art Gallery. They’re open Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 6pm


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