Coffee and chandeliers

Since I gave up an office job, I’ve become a big fan of cafes where I can sit for a couple of hours working on my laptop for the price of a cappuccino. My needs are simple: a comfortable place to sit, wifi (preferably free) and a good coffee of course. Interesting decor and easy parking are definite bonuses.

Very recently I found somewhere that, with a few tweaks, could become my absolute favourite place. The coffee is good but what I really love are the high ceilings, glamorous chandeliers, neon art work.

It’s one of the Gloria Jeans coffee stores but not as you know it. This is Gloria at her most elegant  – think shaggy rugs, perspex chairs, and funky lighting. She’s making a new home in the old art gallery building which has just been beautifully renovated.

The cafe has glass doors opening onto Lorne Street (home of the famously delicious No.1 Pancakes ( and Khartoum Place, in my opinion one of Auckland’s most charming open spaces which is undergoing a transformation of its own.  I can’t wait to see the promise of better lighting, more street furniture and more trees fulfilled. There are two great things about Khartoum Place: one is the proximity to the new Auckland Art Gallery and the other is the colourful mosaic that celebrates 100 years of Women’s Suffrage.

Gloria Jeans at No. 1 Khartoum Place hasn’t been open for very long and there are a few glitches (automatically opening doors that don’t, untidy toilets and wifi that doesn’t quite live up to expectations) but once these hiccups are sorted out, there’s a leather chair in the corner that has my name on it.

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