Fancy a cuppa?

Who knew that there were so many different ways to drink tea ? The patrons of Hulucat Teahouse at No.28 Anzac Avenue in Auckland city, that’s who.

In fact, the menu can be quite intimidating to those of us more used to a cup of English Breakfast.

The Hulu Cat Teahouse offers 19 different milk teas including lavender, caramel, watermelon, oatmeal and, somewhat confusingly Japanese Green Milk tea. There is an equally impressive range of fruit teas served iced or hot, slushies, and creamy juices (one for every fruit you can think of). All are served generously in huge beer mugs and if you are feeling very adventurous you can order a bubble tea- originally from Taiwan –  flavoured mild or fruit tea with small tapioca chewy balls called pearls sprinkled on top. It’s the best bubble tea around apparently. Somewhat incongruously, Belgian waffles are also included on the menu – original and with chocolate.

I came to the Hulucat cafe for a late afternoon meeting because, unlike most cafes in the city, Hulucat stays open past 9pm on weekdays and much later at the weekend.  It’s a great place for a meeting – comfy sofas and private booths each with its own calling buzzer to summon a waitress – but be warned, it gets really busy later on. That bubble tea really must be something special.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 4.26.40 pm

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