North versus South

There’s always been a friendly rivalry between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It’s like a relationship between siblings- competitive, sometimes niggly but also protective and loyal.

Picking a favorite island would be like picking a favorite child. You just can’t do it.

But the OECD can. A new report comparing wellbeing across different regions around the world has given the South Island a better report card, much to the consternation of North Islanders.

The Regional Wellbeing report rated the South better in seven out of nine indicators: income, jobs, civic engagement, housing, safety and health. The biggest disparity between the two Islands was in the jobs category, which compared employment rates. The South Island received a ranking of 9.4 out of 10, compared to 7.6 for the North Island. The South Island will, no doubt, bask in the glow of these stats for some time to come while the North will find ways to question the validity of the data. That’s what rivals do!

But all is well in one of the most relevant indicators for visitors to New Zealand – the environment category. Both islands scored 10 out of 10 and here are a few reasons why.



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