Cappuccino and wifi please

Auckland may be the city of sails but it could just as well be the city of cafes. Every central city office block has one, and in every suburb and in every office park competition for our coffee dollar is fierce.

Naturally the quality of the coffee and the skill of the barista is important but it’s time that some cafe owners realised that there’s more to winning customers than the aroma of good coffee.

Access to wifi is one of those things.

Some cafes have sussed out that offering free wifi is more likely to get people through the door. There are plenty of people, like me, who choose to work in a cafe for a host of different reasons. Maybe it’s because it  makes us feel a bit like JK Rowling or maybe it’s because we need a break from the office, or don’t have an office.

I understand the frustration for some cafe owners if someone with a laptop hogs a table all day long and all they buy is a coffee and a muffin but the fact is that for an increasing number of people wifi is no longer a nice-to-have and cafe owners that don’t understand that will lose customers to those who do.

Actually, they already are. Take this morning as an example. I asked at 3 different cafes before I found one that had free wifi. Funnily enough, the cafe with wifi was also the busiest.

So, a shout out for one cafe that proves you can have everything. Beach Cafe in Browns Bay is one of the few cafes in Auckland within throwing distance of the beach. The coffee is good, the view is superb and there’s that indispensable wifi.

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  1. It’s how I choose too. Customer power will make it happen.


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