La Dolce Vita in Kingsland

First of all, a declaration:  I am an unashamed lover of all things Italian.

I will travel across time zones for the promise of an authentic spaghetti carbonara, tiramisú or cannoli. Especially cannoli. Ever since I saw Tony Soprano clutching a box of these sweet treats as peace offerings (or bribes), I have dreamed of the perfect canal. I’ve tried them in  Sydney  (too hard) and Melbourne (delicious), at the Matakana farmer’s market (close to perfection) and in Italy (although not in the South where they originated)

La Bottega is a slice of Italy in Kingsland which boasts all things Italian, just like in Italia. I loved it from the moment I stepped inside and when I discovered that La Bottega’s pastry chef originates from Lucca (a small Tuscan town where I spent an idyllic 4 weeks) I fell totally in love.

Cannoli is celebrated at La Bottega. They make the original,  Sicilian version, which  is filled with ricotta cheese and light custard inside a sweet fluffy pastry with a cherry on top. Even Tony Soprano would be impressed. Historically , cannoli were made as a treat during the Carneval season, possibly as a fertility symbol, but they have become a year-round staple.

Panini filled with ricotta, mushroom and artichoke which were totally delicious.Valdostano (Italian toasties made with flaky pastry and stuffed with pancetta and oozy mozzarella) are also worth the trip across town. And if you need any more convincing, La Bottega also serves brunch on weekends – Caprese eggs benedict or spinach ricotta torte anyone?

La dolce vita is always closer than you think.

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  1. Wow, these look delicious. I’m going to have to visit La Bottega sometime very soon! (And I might need to walk home to work off the calories!)


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