“..paradise is where I am”

A great blog from a very good friend (and sister) who is finding out that living the good life does not mean champagne and roses every day…just most days, and particularly in summer.

Searching for the good life

Dreams are good.

Acting on dreams is also good.

Surviving the aftermath of following said dreams ….can make for tall tales best shared over a glass or two.

Welcome to our search for the good life. Cheers!

We’ve all done it haven’t we ? Shared dreams, talked about what we will do when we have enough time, money, energy, freedom and so on and so on…. often over another bottle of wine and usually during those moments of downtime when everything seems to be that little bit more possible .

Usually reality kicks in before we take any action but the comfort of dreaming keeps us going until the next time.

For years, M and I had been allowing ourselves to dream about a lifestyle neither of us knew but both of us wanted. We had lived in some beautiful areas of New Zealand but they were always within city limits – a necessity for work and…

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