Meet the Dash button

Let me introduce you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.32.33 PM

These little pieces of plastic could put an end to last minute dashes to the supermarket when there’s no toilet paper in the house or the kids want mac cheese for dinner and there’s none in the cupboard.

It’s high tech convenience straight out of The Jetsons although George and Jane might not have been thrilled with the low tech hook and adhesive strip that make sure the Dash is exactly where you need it – on the washing machine or in the toilet roll cupboard for example. When you run low you push the button and Amazon delivers the item to your door. No doubt in the future delivery will be immediate but at the moment there’s a 2 day wait so a personal dash could still be the only option in the case of toilet roll or mac cheese emergency. There’s a Dash button for a whole range of products but I get the feeling that a lot of people aren’t taking the concept very seriously. Here’s an example of the Q & As on Amazon.

Question: Is this product for lab animals? I ask because lab animals are often trained to push a button to get what they want.

Answer: Absolutely. The button may be a little too hard for a mouse to push with its nose but a monkey would have a blast.

Question: Does the mac and cheese button include a living will form?

Answer: Only if you have Amazon Prime.

Question: Can I buy this and deactivate it? This is the best white elephant gift idea ever.

Answer: You have to activate it with your Amazon Prime account and connect to your WiFi.  Comes in a nice little box with instructions if you are giving it as a gift.

Good to see Amazon has a sense of humor but if my name was Jetson, I think I’d enjoy a dash to the supermarket in my flying car too much to bother with a Dash button.


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5 replies

  1. Another ‘convenience’ device designed to keep your brand loyalty and nothing more. Years ago I saw a cartoon that suggested Americans would look like weebles in the future because they didn’t have to do anything more than sit at home with everytging happening for them… this another step on that path?


  2. Could be. At first I thought it was pretty cool but you’re right, this is another reason to stay on the couch. The Jetsons were slim though so maybe there’s something we don’t know about yet that will stop weeble-ness!


  3. Interesting… and not surprising!


  4. Helpful commentary , I am thankful for the info , Does someone know where my company could obtain a fillable a form version to fill in ?


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