Losing my phone or my mind?

Cold sweat.

Feeling nauseous.

I’ve lost my phone.

Don’t panic.

Retracing steps.

Don’t panic.

Running now.

Can’t find it.


OK. You can panic now.

This pretty much sums up how I felt 5 minute after I realised that my phone and I were no longer in the same place. It happened several months ago but my pulse still races when I think of it. I was in Asheville, North Carolina. I’d driven an hour and half from Bristol, Virginia using the Google map phone app. It was a sunny spring day and I focussed on the Blue Ridge mountains shimmering in the sun rather than the route. I was singing along to Earth, Wind and Fire on the radio following the soothing voice providing directions without much thought.

A short while after arriving in Asheville, when I realised that I’d lost my phone, my brain lost its ability to think rationally. I couldn’t figure out how I’d get back to Bristol without it. Somehow I’d forgotten about the other sort of maps, or road signs. How could I find the police station without googling the location? I’d forgotten that I could just ask someone. I desperately wanted to talk to a reassuring friendly voice but how could I do that without a phone? My brain had no capacity to consider using a public phone. But I didn’t know any phone numbers  because they were all in my contact list on my phone. Now that was a real problem.

I emptied my bag again, frantic to find a phone that wasn’t there the first time 3 times I looked. And then I remembered putting it on a table when I picked up a brochure in Asheville’s fancy shopping arcade. I went back but there was nothing on the table. My pulse quietened a little though.

In the store opposite the empty table, the owner said that someone had found a phone and had given it to a security guard. She pointed in the direction I should go. I almost hugged her.

I found the security guard a few minutes later and I did hug him.


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