Any blog that ends with “champagne goes with everything” is alright by me!


The Challenge: A cuisine that shares its roots with the motherland, a wine crafted specifically for the motherland; a classic cuvée with a rich history attempts to balance a pie that takes richness to new levels; the elegance of a beverage fit for royalty alongside a convenient food for the people: The Burleigh, Meat Pie, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand (est. 2012) VS Lanson, Black Label Brut, Reims, France, NV (set. 1760).  A pork belly meat pie that has become internationally known. A Champagne that has made its mark internationally. Both equal in regards to setting the bar high within their respective categories. How will they equate with each other? After a long vintage of making world renowned wine The Somm and his fellow cellar workers, The Day Cru met for one final task…SMASH!

The Somm

The Day Cru 

The Somm was working in New Zealand for the 2016 vintage. He was…

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