Twelve Christmas Observations

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. There is plenty to love and a whole lot to wonder at.

  1. I love wrapping presents, choosing a theme and the right ribbon and match-matchy paper but somethings are just impossible . Like finding the edge of the sellotape.
  2. After years of trying I am still unable to secure the string around my Christmas puddings before steaming them without dislocating my fingers/ using my nose/crying for help.
  3. Does anyone ever eat those red and white striped candy canes?
  4. Every year I buy a panettone and every year when it burns in the toaster I swear never again. Give me a stollen full of gooey marzipan anyway.
  5. There is nothing quite like the stress of wondering whether the perfect presents you bought online are going to arrive in time.
  6. Actually there is, there is the stress of finding out that someone has bought the same gift as you for the same person. This always happens on Christmas Eve.
  7. Call me old fashioned but I love paper cards that you put in an envelope and
    send by post but I can’t be the only person who buys them when they first appear in the shops (in October for goodness sake) and then forgets where they are or that they exist at all.
  8. Back to wrapping parcels. I know why they do it but when a store offers a wrapping service, don’t they realise that sticky labels with their name or logo prominently displayed kills the surprise?
  9. No one is ever to old for an advent calendar and yes, it is ok if you forget to open the little doors every day and have to play catch up.
  10. Let’s face it, Christmas lights may be pretty but they are always tangled.
  11. Tins … beautiful tins. At Christmas the shops are full of them, usually filled with stuff you don’t want or need but you buy them anyway because you can never have enough tins, until next Christmas that is.
  12. And finally, despite the hype and the stress, the shopping and the eating, when we stop for a minute we can feel it …  it’s in our fingers and in our toes. Christmas is all around us.

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