Just you and me and the wekas

It was a birthday weekend after a chaotic time at work and a few days in the Marlborough Sounds were exactly what was needed to recharge our batteries.

Punga Cove resort ticked all the boxes. We could arrive by boat or car ( we chose to drive), there were water views from our chalet (a ‘must have’ for instant relaxation), a chef with the freshest produce to play with, all locally harvested from garden and sea, and delicious local (Marlborough) wines and barista coffee. Sounds good so far, right?

And it was. Better than good. The weather was not picture perfect but the green-glass water shone like polished glass more intensely in the steely light, and the native trees cradling the resort glowed with a thousand shades of green after their cool rain baths. We settled into our chalet perched above the wharf and marveled at the lush verdant beauty.

The wekas arrived at sundown as we opened champagne for a birthday toast. They are quite cute, extremely curious, and often mistaken for kiwis by hopeful but misinformed visitors. But man, are they feisty. They rush about madly as if they are perpetually late, ‘talking ‘ all the time to their mate. Loudly. They are comical scavenging creatures and probably deeply frustrated at not being able to fly.

Thankfully wekas like to sleep so the nights at Punga Cove are peaceful. There is tramping or fishing or visiting mussel farms to be done from Punga Cove but sometimes all that is needed is a good book, good company and a perfect location (wekas included!).

Details of Punga Cove accommodation here.

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