Is Air BnB for you?

I’m planning a trip and have been spending some time on Air BnB looking for accommodation. I’m a big fan after staying in amazing homes and meeting interesting people all over the US last year. I’m surprised at how many people are… Read More ›

Copy less, travel more

It started with Toblerone, the legendary triangle-shaped chocolate bar with chewy nougaty bits. Toblerone was made in Switzerland and, when I was much much younger, it was not easily available in places far from Switzerland. They were treats in our house, only… Read More ›

The road to Akaroa

  The man behind the desk at the rental company swivelled his computer screen to show me a photograph of a car with its roof crumpled like tissue paper. “That’s one of ours,” he said. “They didn’t have insurance.” He… Read More ›